Reverend Philimon Riti. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Reverend Philimon Riti. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

A christian should not only look clean and healthy but should also live a healthy lifestyle.

Reverend Philimon Riti made this statement at the Seventh Day Adventist Centenary Celebration at Viru, Western Province last week.

Speaking as a guest during the weeklong celebration, Reverend Riti said, early SDA missionaries taught followers that a change of heart must also be reflected in a change to the physical appearance of a person.

The Solomon Islands Christian Association, SICA, representative said, this include clean body, proper clothes, bright cheery countenance and white teeth.

He said, the ‘clean mission’ which the church promotes is one aspect that made SDA mission stood out from other missions.

Mr Riti reiterates, ‘clean mission’ means- clean and being health- conscious.

He stressed, although healthy and clean living can be said to be legacies of the SDA missionaries, they are essentials for all of humanity today.

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