Judge Pallaras hears Kelesi's case. Photo credit: SIBC.

Judge Pallaras hears Kelesi’s case. Photo credit: SIBC.

Judge Stephen Pallaras this morning conducted a hearing on why a Crown Prosecutor failed to attend the Court proceedings of a juvenile murder case.

Crown Prosecutor Andrew Kelesi was the prosecuting Counsel for the case in which the juvenile was convicted.

But on the day of the verdict, Mr Kelesi was in Gizo, Western Province attending another case and another lawyer stood in for him.

Mr Kelesi’s failure to attend the Court proceedings prompted Judge Pallaras to cite him for contempt of Court.

This morning, Mr Kelesi appeared before Pallaras and through his lawyer explained his failure to attend the Court proceedings.

Judge Pallaras has reserved his judgement on the hearing for a later date.

SIBC News understands, a Judge may impose sanctions such as a fine or jail for anyone found guilty of contempt of court.

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