The European Union flag. Photo credit: EU.

The European Union flag. Photo credit: EU.

The European Union celebrates its Annual E-U Day this week.

In Europe, the celebrations mark peace and unity in Europe, and commemorates the anniversary of the 1950 historical ‘Schuman Declaration’ by French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman.

EU Charge de Affaires in Solomon Islands Eoghan Walsh told SIBC News, he hopes Solomon Islanders will join them to remember the European Union Day and to recognize EU as a development partner in the country.

“This is just to recognise that the European Union is a partner of Solomon Islands which is trying to improve the lives of Solomon Islanders as well as working with government to improve government services and also working with the civil society, giving support to different non-government organisations in Solomon Islands. We are also working with te Chamber of Commerce, National Women’s Council, SIDT and some other NGOs in Solomon Islands.”

SIBC News understands EU officials from Brussels,and EU’s Ambassador to Solomon Islands Martin Dihm, are coming to Honiara to mark EU Day.

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