A promotional BVR sticker. Photo: SIBC.

A promotional BVR sticker. Photo: SIBC.

A Honiara man has said while he supports Malaita Ma’asina Forum and Transparency Solomon Islands’ call on people not to sell their Voter ID cards to intending candidates and politicians, the call is only a fraction of the overall solution.

A Sammy Maeara, originally from Malaita Province, recently told SIBC News the two watchdog groups are only looking at one end of the issue.

He says what people are doing is just a reaction out of their frustrations over leaders who are not performing as expected.

Resembling the MMF and TSI’s efforts as groups who are trying to clean the downstream of a dirty river without going straight to its source- Mr Maeara says he appreciates their call.

But he says in any transaction two parties must be involved, which means both voters, intending candidates and politicians are involved in the vote buying issue.

Mr. Maeara calls on both intending candidates and politicians to show maturity and responsibility not to encourage or entertain such practice.

He says it seems the Bio Metric Voter Registration has also taken the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission by surprise.

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