Charles Dausabea. Photo credit: SIBC.

Charles Dausabea. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Malaita Ma’asina Forum strongly condemns the National Provident Fund (NPF) board chairman, Peter Boyers for his media comments on the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) reforms.

In a media release this week, the SIPA board chair says NPF will disassociate itself from engaging with the Solomon Islands Ports Authority – describing the reforms as ruthless.

Mr. Boyers says NPF as the largest institution in the country representing employees and employers view the present actions of the Ports Chief Executive Officer Mr. Collin Yow as abusive and dictatorial.

But the MMF President cautions Mr. Boyers against making such sweeping statement saying NPF is owned by Solomon Islanders who decide on their investment destiny, not foreign interest.

Mr. Dausabea further calls on Mr. Boyers to explain why the NPF board decided to use the General Reserves to pay dividends to its members from 2012 till last year.

He says this is a clear violation of the NPF Act amounting to misappropriation of the General Reserves by the Board and Management.

The Forum President further says members fear their contributions could be lost if joint ventures such as Tavanipupu failed to make profit.

Mr. Dausabea calls on the Finance Minister to immediately terminate Mr. Boyers and his entire board for not protecting and managing the funds in the best interest of its contributing members.

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