The Solomon Islands Ports Authority. Photo credit: SIPA.

The Solomon Islands Ports Authority. Photo credit: SIPA.

A local business owner in the country has called on the new Chair of the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA), Billy Titiulu, to seriously consider the reforms introduced by the Ports Chief Executive Officer, Colin Yow.

In an email to the media, a George Ramolo said the new Terminal Handling Charges (THC) introduced on 1st March last year for 20 and 40 foot containers has left them no choice but to raise their prices.

According to the new charges introduced, local importers in the country will have to spend $4,388.00 for a 20 foot container while a 40 foot container will cost them $8,676.00.

Mr Ramolo said these will no doubt affect every customer in the country as they will expect to see an increase in the prices of goods in shops across the country, adding both local business owners and customers will be affected due to these charges.

SIBC News understands, since his appointment as CEO last year, Colin Yow introduced a number of reforms at the Ports Authority.

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