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High rate of homebrew consumption concerns community leaders

Jared Koli- September 21, 2021

Community leaders of Tahawawo and Mwaniqagosi in North Star Harbour, Makira Ulawa province have expressed their deep concern on the high rate of homebrew and ... Read More

No lockdown if Honiara and Guadalcanal achieve 90 percent full vaccination

Jared Koli- September 20, 2021

If Honiara and Guadalcanal achieve a 90 percent full vaccination, Honiara will not have to go into lockdown if a community spread of COVID-19 is ... Read More

82 percent of government employees complete first dose

Jared Koli- September 20, 2021

About 82 percent of all employees of the government have taken their first dose of COVID-19 vaccines. Presenting a report by the Oversight Committee (OSC) ... Read More

Public servants chose not to be vaccinated based on religious conviction: Report

Jared Koli- September 20, 2021

A recent report presented to Cabinet by the Oversight Committee says part of the remaining 18 percent of public servants who haven’t taken their vaccine ... Read More

Wale disappointed with Asilaua’s comments

Jared Koli- September 19, 2021

  Leader of Opposition and MP for Aoke Langalanga, Matthew Wale says Elijah Asilaua's comments in SIBC's recent interview is insinuating Opposition's involvement in the ... Read More

My contract was authorised by Executive: Talifilu

Jared Koli- September 19, 2021

Political Advisor of the Premier of Malaita Province Celsus Talifilu says Hon Elijah Asilaua's accusations are misleading and baseless. Celsus Talifilu In an interview with ... Read More