The cancelled cheque as stated by the government statement. Photo: GCU

The cancelled cheque as stated by the government statement. Photo: GCU

The Office of the Prime Minister says the Joint Civil Society Group statement regarding the canceled 4-hundred thousand dollar cheque for Ziata Landowning Groups is a “pointless effort” to trumpet an issue the Group does not have knowledge of.

A statement from the Prime Ministers Office today said while the Government is committed to resolutions signed with Ziata tribal groups, payments cannot be made until legal matters surrounding the Ziata Land acquisition process are resolved.

The Office says the Group’s call for the Government to clarify why the 4-hundred thousand dollars payment was cancelled is “purely childish” and that the Group continues to “twist and turn” words.

The statement said these are long standing matters of national interest which, although important for eventual public information, demand government exercises diligence and care in its attempt to amicably resolve the issues at hand.

It adds, this is the exercise of governance that is both an ‘expectation’ and an ‘unfettered prerogative’ of a government which the Joint Civil Society Group failed to understand.

The Prime Ministers Office explains Henson’s accusations over the cancelled payment were “grossly misleading”, and had “vilified” the Secretary to the Prime Minister- warranting response and correction.

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