Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

Former East Kwaio politician Alfred Sasako has called on the Political Parties Commission to closely monitor the current lobbying process going on between political camps in Honiara.

Mr Sasako made the call yesterday, saying people elected their members of parliament with expectations to form a government free of interference from people with money.

He told SIBC News, the Commission should ensure that all independent MPs comply to the Political Parties Integrity Act.

“And therefore I strongly appeal to them to look at whether these people who came out as independents whether legally they have the standing to do the sort of usual grass hopping that they’ve been known to do in the past. It is important that since we’ve got this legal framework in place which administers the new Political Parties Integrity Act 2014, that this law is not broken from the start.”

SIBC News understands the Governor General has announced Tuesday next week, as the date for the Prime Minister’s election.

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