Law poster. Photo credit:

Law poster. Photo credit:

Losing candidates of East Central Guadalcanal have announced their intention to petition Ishmael Avui’s win as MP-elect for the constituency.

In a joint statement, the losing candidates, including the former MP Joseph Onika, say they have decided to take a common stand following allegations of corrupt dealings by Mr Avui and his supporters in almost all polling stations throughout East Central Guadalcanal.

The losing candidates also claim they found corrupt dealings in Longgu and Valasi wards – before, during and after polling day – which showed a network of careful pre-planning to bring about Mr. Avui’s election victory.

Some other claims of the losing candidates include there was heavy involvement and influence by certain public servants on election duties, and two high ranking Church Clergies of Longgu Ward, who they claim were supporters of Mr Avui.

The statement also said, the losing candidates have already gathered evidences from witnesses and their lawyers are preparing details of the allegations for registration at the High Court.

Other losing candidates who will be lodging the petition with the former East Central Guadalcanal MP are Joseph Tapalia, Reuben Tovutovu, Tony Joseph Koraua and Daniel Besa’a Kerevale.

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