Flag of Rennell and Bellona Province. Photo credit:

Flag of Rennell and Bellona Province. Photo credit:

Rennell and Bellona province will finally hold its executive meeting after pulling through numerous challenges last year.

Premier Collin Tesuatai says a lot of the province’s development plans were not achieved last year as a result of the many challenges.

“Since we came into office, it has given us a major challenge and a lot of other challenges last year and that has hindered us not to go through most of the provincial activities and plans for last year.”

Mr Tesuatai adds plans are in place to hold this year’s first executive meeting next week.

“This year I am calling for our first executive meeting to be held in Honiara early next week so that we can discuss and look through our proposal plans for 2016 as well as look at our priorities for the year.”

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