Former MP for East Kwaio Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: SIBC.

Former MP for East Kwaio Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: SIBC.

Former Member of Parliament for East Kwaio Alfred Sasako has raised the importance of establishing polling booths for provincial constituencies in Honiara during the elections.

Mr Sasako previously raised the issues saying voters are finding it extremely difficult to secure transport to go back to their provincial areas for the elections.

He says this is expensive and there are not enough ships or flights.

Speaking to SIBC News yesterday, he says the electoral Commission should establish voting centres here in Honiara for the people to cast their votes.

“They will miss out on voting in the elections and I think that is really sad, I think this is a sad indictment on those who have been doing the planning for this election. How could they separate registration from voting when you do the registration the final outcome or the bottom line of what that intention is, is for those people to have the opportunity to cast their votes.”

Mr Sasako is an Intending candidate for East Kwaio Constituency in Malaita Province.

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