Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast. Photo credit: SIBC.

Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast. Photo credit: SIBC.

Forty new police recruits will as of next Monday undergo police training, the Police Commissioner has confirmed.

Frank Prendergast said the forty new recruits will be at the police academy for 16 weeks of intensive training.

He says the new recruits represent all nine provinces of the country.

“The new recruits are from all nine provinces and they’ll undergo training including police law and powers, administration, physical fitness training, also what we call scenario training where they’ll be subjected to real life scenario and trained about how to react in particular situations and interestingly in this process they’ll also be doing attachments to Central Police Station so they’ll learn on the job as well.”

The Police Commissioner adds this is the first of two police recruits planned for 2015.

“This is the first of two courses that we currently have planned for this year. The next course will be started in the near future and there will be another 30 officers and then we’re looking at preliminary planning for another at least two courses at the end of the year.”


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