Assault cases in court today. Photo: SIBC

Assault cases in court today. Photo: SIBC

The police prosecution plans to oppose the bail application of an eighty-year-old grandfather from Isabel Province in custody for indecently assaulting his fourteen year old granddaughter last year.

The grandfather appeared in the Magistrate’s Court this morning for the bail application hearing but his lawyer was not present.

However, the police prosecutor confirmed to the Court that he will oppose the bail application.

Principal Magistrate Jim Sueika adjourned the case to Wednesday this week for the bail hearing.

It was alleged that in December last year, the accused indecently assaulted his 14-year-old grand-daughter in a house after leading her there by the hand.

Meanwhile, in a separate ruling, the Magistrates Court has sentenced a man from West Are’are in his fifties today to 12-months in jail for indecent assault.

The man pleaded guilty for indecently assaulting an 11-year-old girl relative at Ngossi, West Honiara in August 2012.

The Court heard the prisoner and some members of the household including the victim were watching television in the night.

Most of them including the victim fell asleep, and the prisoner seeing this, put his hand up the victim’s clothes and indecently assaulted her .

When she woke up, he told her he did not know how to switch off the television.

Principal Magistrate Jim Seukia in his sentencing today says he is imposing a custodial sentence to send a message to the community at large on the seriousness of these type of offences.

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