The Government of Canada has granted 3 more Solomon Islands nationals Permanent Residency of Canada.
This residency status was confirmed by Canada’s Department of Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada.

The 3 Solomon Islands nationals are from the West Guadalcanal Constituency and are part of the Canadian CITREC program that was launched by the former leadership of Guadalcanal Province and current Central government Police Minister Hon. Anthony Veke.

The individuals have all entered Canada under the permanent residence nomination program through education, training, and labour mobility opportunities with Canada through CITREC education and training partnership.

Police Minister and M.P for West Guadalcanal Constituency Hon. Anthony Veke [L] meets with Canada’s minister for Labour in Canada.

This year alone, including the new addition of 3 nationals, 2 other Solomon Islands nationals have received their Canadian permanent residency in the early part of January this year. Previous years have also seen a notable number of Solomon nationals being granted Canadian residency.

Solomon Islands Hon.Consul-General to Canada Excellency  Ashwant Dwivedi speaking from Canada has confirmed to SIBC that 3 more Solomon Islands nationals are the latest addition to the Canadian family through the permanent residency program.

His Excellency while confirming said that the three individuals have received their confirmation of permanent residence documents along with their permanent residence card.

He said that  this process now confirms that the [3] persons are now permanent residents of Canada, and that Canada becomes their new home,” Consul-General Dwivedi said.

Consul General Dwivedi said that a complete statement will be made in the coming days once Canada’s Minister responsible for provincial Immigration has communicated this achievement with his counterpart , Solomon Islands Member of Parliament for West Guadalcanal Constituency Hon. Anthony Veke.

Canada’s partnership with Solomon Islands is setting a record standard of inclusion of more and more Solomon Islands nationals as permanent residents through Canada’s strong labour mobility partnership with the people of Solomon Islands.

In the past one year alone 14 persons from Solomon Islands have received Canadian Permanent Residence status.

The CITREC partnership has provided new opportunity and hope for the Solomon Islands and is proving as a strong partner in the area of education, training and migration opportunities with Canada.


– Communications Unit Canada

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