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Eliza Kukutu- June 27, 2023

A delegation from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey is visiting Makira Ulawa Province at the invitation of the Provincial Government to discuss key ... Read More

 Commissioner of Lands pursuing allegations of fraudulent land dealings

Eliza Kukutu- May 4, 2023

Following on from the Court of Appeal win last week, the Commissioner of Lands Alan McNeil is pursuing investigations into fraudulent land dealings. “The court ... Read More

Wale calls on gov’t to take criminal actions against land fraudsters

Eliza Kukutu- May 4, 2023

Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale has urged the Government to commence criminal action against the perpetrators of the fraud ... Read More

Securing land rights in Rennell and Bellona through customary land recording and development of bylaws

Eliza Kukutu- March 20, 2023

More than 90 landholding group representatives from Rennell and Bellona attended a series of consultation and awareness programs to learn how to make customary land ... Read More

Land Board Warns Against Illegal Land Sales

Fredrick Kusu- September 21, 2022

The Land Board of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey has warned against illegal land sales and squatting on Government lands including the Levers ... Read More

Solomon Airlines Confirms Indefinite Cancellation of Air Services to Manaoba due to Landowners dispute

Sharon Nanau- April 27, 2022

Solomon Airlines regrets to advise that due to risk associated with interrupted services caused by the local landowners dispute, the airline has suspended all flights ... Read More

We are waiting for you, come and let’s put things right, Tadai Paramount Chief to Mr Manekanivaka

admin- September 1, 2021

Paramount Chief of Tadai Francis PerogoloThe Paramount Chief of Tadai has called on Mr Manenivaka Reuben to consult the Ghaobata House of Chiefs and come ... Read More