CRC Gateway Church celebrates Christmas with display of Christmas trees, food stalls and carols


The CRC Gateway Church in Honiara is hosting a Christmas Light and Food Festival from the 23rd to the 31st of December 2022.

Opened on Friday night, a start to the week-long event has seen families turning up in numbers to join the festivity.

Celebration at the CRC Gateway Church in Honiara

With a spectacular display of Christmas trees, food stalls with Christmas carols to be enjoyed, Youth Leader Mr. Francis Lilo says it is an event to mark the birth of Jesus and to bring families together.

“The Light and Food Fest was supposed to be held last year as part of raising funds for our church building but we had to postpone due to the riot. 

For the event, we put the theme Jesus is the reason for the season and that is what this is all about. It is about bringing families together, making friendships, about the lights, the foods and that is why this is open for the public to come and celebrate.”

Francis Lilo

 The Highlight of the festival is the Christmas trees and decorations, most of which were handmade by youth members of the church.

“ I think this would be the first ever in Solomon Islands and all this decoration and Christmas trees are DIY, which are hand made using things like mosquito nets and it’s all about the creativity of our young people.

And I’d like to thank these young people from our church for their passion and contribution in ensuring all of these are made and can be enjoyed by the public,” says Mr. Lilo.

Although located far East from the city center, the festival has caught much attraction for people in Honiara as many flocked to the CRC grounds the past few nights since its opening.

Honiara resident Mr. John Kana says the festival has provided a place where families can spend time together during the festive season.

John Kanai

“I find this event very useful as it provides a venue for families to spend time together as we do not have many places like this in town. So, it’s good this church has provided a venue and organized this event during this Christmas season.”

The festival will run till the 31st of December from 6pm till 10pm with a New Year’s countdown to end the festival.


By Eliza Kukutu

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