Permanent Secretary John Wasi. Photo credit: GCU.

Permanent Secretary John Wasi. Photo credit: GCU.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is working on a bill to be tabled in the next parliament sitting.

The Permanent Secretary (Acting) John Wasi announced, the ‘Traditional Knowledge and Expressions of Cultures’ Bill aims at
protecting traditional knowledge and cultural expressions of Solomon Islanders once enacted.

Mr. Wasi adds, another Bill that the Ministry is currently working on is the ‘Solomon Islands Arts and Cultural Council Bill, which is expected to be tabled in Parliament next year.

He explains this bill is to regulate and coordinate all arts and cultural affairs of the country.

Mr Wasi says the Culture Department is working closely with the Arts Alliance of Solomon Islands (AASI) to preserve, promote and develop the cultural heritage of the country and also to ensure that culture is amalgamated with the tourism sector to provide economic benefits for our people.

Mr Wasi made the announcement during the opening of this week’s ‘Cultural Industries Entrepreneurship’ training.

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