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A former Prime Minister wants Solomon Islands to be determined to take the problems of West Papua to the United Nations under the Commission for Colonisation.

Ezekiel Alebua, a founding father of the MSG, made the statement yesterday and also said there will be no major issues if West Papua is accepted.

“And for us in the Solomon Islands, speaking as a former Prime Minister and a founding father of the Melanesian Spearhead Group I ask us to be strong, to be determined in bringing the affairs and problems and the cries of our people in West Papua to the United Nations under the Commission for decolonisation. I don’t think if accepting them into the Melanesian Spearhead Group as members would cause any major issues.”

Mr Alebua also said Indonesia will have the opportunity to understand the cry of West Papuans if West Papua is admitted into the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

“Their admittance into MSG would also allow the opportunity for Indonesia and I am grateful to the present Indonesian government and President for releasing the West Papuan prisoners and for easing some of the some of the restrictions in place, that’s a good start, let’s work on that diplomatically and this is where we need to admit them so that together, in their status, maybe as an observer, Indonesia in the MSG, would listen to the genuine needs and cries of the in the MSG and they will also listen to the sympathetic considerations and support of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.”

The twentieth Melanesian Spearhead Group Leaders Summit kicks off in Honiara tomorrow.

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