The official PINA logo. Photo credit: PINA.

The official PINA logo. Photo credit: PINA.

The head of the Pacific Islands News Association, PINA, has used World Press Freedom Day to call on governments in the region to develop national media associations.

In a statement, PINA president Moses Stevens says it is an undeniable fact that there is a major lack of understanding yet in the Pacific on the role of the media.

He says the Pacific need to take a good look at ourselves and within our media fraternity and ask ourselves ‘how can we effectively advocate media freedom so that our people, from the villages up to the higher places, have a better understanding of the work that the media does, and thereby embrace media freedom as their true freedom.

Mr Stevens reiterates the stand taken by PINA and call on our governments, traditional and potential media development partners to assist in the development of National Media Associations at the local level and strengthening PINA at the regional level.

In the statement, Stevens acknowledged the reactivation of the Media Association of Solomon Islands, MASI.

MASI recognise achievements in local media at the national Media Awards as part of World Press Freedom Day.

SIBC understands, the Media Association of Solomon Islands will commemorate this year’s World Press Freedom Day next weekend.

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