The Doorman's Project band. Photo credit: Rastunarebel.

The Doorman’s Project band. Photo credit: Rastunarebel.

Local band, Doorman’s Project, DMP, will soon set off to neighboring Papua New Guinea, PNG, to help raise funds in aid of recent floods in the country.

Confirming their trip to SIBC News yesterday, band front man Barnabas Sade, commonly known as Kara, said in PNG they will perform along with USA’s Mya and Jamaica’s Kevin Lyttle.

“We will be leaving for PNG and while in PNG we’ll be performing at the Cosmopolitan, a building in PNG and we’ll be performing along with Mya of USA and Kevin Lyttle of Jamaica. We are performing to raise funds in aid of a village recently affected by a flood just like us, that’s our trip’s purpose, to raise funds for that village towards building their school and hospital.”

He adds, hopes are already high for his band members as performing along with internationally renowned artists will be a lifetime experience.

The DMP front man said his boys are happy as they prepare to leave for PNG soon.

He adds, Australia will be their next destination after PNG, adding that another new DMP album is ready to be released after their tours.

SIBC News understands, the band is currently rehearsing its songs in Honiara.

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