Gizo town in the Western Province. Photo credit: DS-Lands.

Gizo town in the Western Province. Photo credit: DS-Lands.

Women on Ghizo Island, Western Province are in a better position to improve their economic status following the set-up of a women’s saving scheme in the Gizo Township.

The Gizo Environment Livelihood Governance Association, GELCA, Women’s Saving Club was developed as the micro-finance component of the Inshore Fish Aggregating Devices, IFAD, project to enhance the lives of coastal fishing communities around Ghizo Island.

Funded by WWF-Australia, Australian Aid and John West Australia, the IFAD project hopes to explore ways to assist the income, food security and ecology in the context of ecosystem based governance and management of coastal fisheries.

The savings scheme, which began with 40 women now has membership of more than 500 women from local communities and indications are that numbers will continue to grow.

WWF-Pacific Solomon Islands Country Director, Shannon Seeto, says indigenous women are the backbone of the family structure, playing a vital role –not just in the day-to-day running of their households, but in ensuring a better future for their children.

Members of GELCO Women’s Saving Club will be launching and celebrating the establishment of their financial inclusion initiative on June 20.

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