HCC and G-Province Signs MOU on Tourism

Honiara City Council (HCC) and Guadalcanal Province (GP) have signed a Tourism Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and is a milestone and first of its kind for both local Governments.

Speaking during the signing, Mayor Eddie Siapu said this is part of the newly established HCC Tourism Division’s policy framework and action plan.

HCC Tourism division believes that forging a mutual partnership with the GP is an important step in the direction. This is because HCC operated and is situated in GP.

It is timely also to have an understanding of GP not only in tourism programs but in other relevant outstanding issues.

Mayor Eddie Siapu and the Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal Province Hon. Lazarus Rina with officials from HCC and G Province during the signing of the MOU

“We believe there are unsolved issues pending our two governments to work on for the betterment of our coexistence. HCC is grateful that the province hosts HCC on its land and we are greatly indebted to its people.”

The singing of this MOU is the culmination of a good and successful PG2023 Games. Although the games will be widely played in Honiara, the fact remains the main point of entry is from the province.

“The first and lasting impression is from the gate of entry and HCC is keen to work alongside the province to prepare the point of entry from Henderson leading down to Honiara.”

In the MOU several areas that needs cooperation are captured.

“The major reason and the outstanding areas of concern that sticks out are general cleanliness, the landscape that reflects organization, the tourismscape for attraction, and a physical appearance that consumes the heart and eyes of our visitors that is appreciative.”

“The MOU also seeks the understanding and cooperation of the province to assist the HCC Tourism division in its development programs. Green Urban Space (GUS) is an area that HCC is keen on developing to provide a meeting place for social and leisure activities.”

Another area this MOU covers is the area of waste management which HCC has been at the forefront of waste management in the country.

Also, GP and HCC share the histories of WWII and “WWII history is a selling tourism product I believe both our governments have an interest in it. Its promotions and marketing drive toward a special niche market.”

“This MOU is a step towards the right direction and I thank my Chairman and Director for Tourism for the initiative,” the Mayor said.

In response, Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal province Hon. Lazarus Rina thanked the Mayor and HCC Tourism Division for the MOU and said GP is looking forward in working together with HCC under the MOU.

Hon.Rina said there are also other issues of common interest in which both Governments will be looking at addressing together.

He said the signing paves a way forward for partnership between HCC and the province.

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