Hon Manuari says Minister must come clean on current health crisis


OPPOSITION MP Hon. Derek Manuari has called on the Minister for Health & Medical Services to come clean on the current medical drug shortage in the country.

In a statement today, the Member of Parliament for West Makira said the country is currently facing a serious health crisis and the ministry has been tight-lipped over the issue.

He said the Health Minister and Finance Minister need to truthfully tell our people what the true situation is like in terms of drug shortage and our finances.

Hon. Manuari who is currently in his constituency said there is a serious health crisis nationwide including Kirakira Hospital.

Medical Drugs scarce in Kirakira

He said Kirakira Hospital has been without essential drugs and medical supplies especially coartem and Panadol for almost 3 months now.

“We are financially doomed because of Government’s negligence and lack of priorities for our people and health care,” he said.

Hon Manuari said he is aware that even patients at the National Referral Hospital have been admitted without proper treatment because of the lack of medical supplies.

He said our health care system is at a critical stage that even blood samples and specimens could not be sent overseas because of outstanding Government debts with an Australian lab.

Hon Manuari adds as a result, blood samples and specimens are reportedly been disregarded and doctors are now unable to make informed diagnosis of patients.

He said seriously ill patients have been given medicines but without proper diagnosis.

“I have been informed Government owes the Australian lab around SBD $10 Million and the ministry needs to clarify this issue,” he said.

The West Makira MP said the Government is playing around with the lives of our people and only depicts a heartless regime and leadership.

“I am calling on the Minister of Health and the Finance Minister to clarify these issues and tell the truth if we are in a serious health and financial crisis,” the Opposition MP said.



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