Introducing ‘Stret Tok’


‘Stret Tok’ promo

Solomon Islands has a motto on its Coat of Arms that reads, ‘To Lead Is To Serve’.

What does it mean and to what extent have the leaders and people of the country lived up to this Motto in the past 40 years?

You can follow the discussion by joining SIBC’s Stret Tok radio talk show from 2pm-3pm this Sunday 2nd December 2018.

Three panelists who have wider experiences in leadership within their areas of specialty will be joining the show. They are Dr Transform Aqorau, Dr Alice Pollard and Ruth Liloqula.

Stret Tok is SIBC’s public awareness program that aims to keep you informed on national issues as the country heads to another National General Election in 2019.

Join us this Sunday with the topic ‘To Lead Is To Serve’, 2-3pm December 2nd on-air and online here at SIBC, Voice of the Nation.

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