Leong encourages athletes to be visionaries

National history maker in Tennis, Michael Patrick Leong encourages athletes to be visionary sports men and women.

Leong, who in 2004 became the first Solomon Islander to appear at Wimbledon, encouraged all athletes to have a vision of how they want to see their future as sports men and women of Solomon Islands and the Pacific region.

Former professional tennis player Michael Patrick Leong in Honiara recently

This was during a conversation held with the former professional tennis playerat the Team Solomon office recently.

He further stated that having a positive and strong vision of their future will eventually drive athletes to be successful in many areas of their lives.

Team Solomon media reports, Leong further acknowledged the government’s push to have the Pacific Games here in the country.

“Now that the games are at our doorsteps, and now that we have the facilities ready, what’s left for us  as Solomon Islanders is to represent the country well and to prove that we can be the best,” he said.

Leong, who won the only Gold medal for our country in the 2007 South Pacific Games, also called on all supporters to put their full support behind the country’s athletes.

In preparation for the 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara, Leong continues to provide his kind and technical support to the Solomon Islands Tennis Federation.

Team Solomon acknowledges Leong for his continuous service to our young tennis athletes.

Team Solomon believes in one dream, one team under one Solomon Islands flag.


Team Solomon

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