A Small Malaita man has called on national and provincial leaders, to provide audit reports on how they are using their constituency and ward funds to their people.

Ishmael Ou’ou made the statement, saying people are in the dark and have been for the past thirty years, only to hear the frequent disbursement of materials by leaders to their people.

He told SIBC News that people ought to see for themselves how funds are used to ensure their leaders are accountable.

“So from these things we want to see the reports or retirements, so that we know who gets what project and how much was spent and so on. We want to see how much they gave to their members, supported by audit reports to ensure who gets what is accurate. In case we claim this person gets this project, when in fact he doesn’t. This can happen.

The former secondary school teacher adds people will be motivated to excel economically when they see that their leaders are transparent and accountable.

SIBC News understands an audit report on the Constituency Development Funds was done by the Auditor General’s office but is yet to be released.

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