MNPDC Concludes Four-Day Consultation to Shape Nation’s Future with MTDP 2025-2029

MNPDC Concludes Four-Day Consultation to Shape Nation’s Future with MTDP 2025-2029


The Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC) has concluded a pivotal five-day consultation to chart the course for the nation’s development with the Medium-Term Development Plan (MTDP 2025-2029).

This process is a key requirement under the Public Financial Management (PFM) Act 2013 and involves all SIG line ministries and bodies covering their current development programs, projects, and activities under the 2024 Development Budget and future development needs.

The consultation serves as a vital platform to discuss gaps, issues, challenges, and recommendations for development planning and programming. The aim is to align development programmes with government priorities and cater for emerging needs for 2025 development budget and the next four years.

MNPDC Permanent Secretary Melchior Mataki emphasized the importance of the MTDP, as the 5-year vehicle for the implementation of the National Development Strategy (2016-2035). The MTDP is indicative of our medium-term development needs and will support MNPDC and SIG to discuss meaningfully with donor partners.

“With less than three months to prepare and finalize this critical planning document, the MNPDC urges SIG Ministries and Agencies to collaborate during this process of data collection, consultation, submission, and appraisal, providing further assistance as needed. The objective is to finalize and table it in Parliament by September 2024,” said Permanent Secretary Mataki.

During the consultation, all line ministries will discuss strategies to address gaps, issues, and challenges faced in implementing current development programs and projects funded by the 2020-2024 development budgets. Ministries will also review and identify viable capital investment projects ready for implementation, focusing on projects with quality design and clear linkages to improving revenue collection and economic growth in the short, medium, and long term. Additionally, the consultation aims to enhance reporting on development projects, an area identified as needing urgent improvement across the SIG.

The MNPDC is committed to coordinating the preparation process and ensuring the timely finalization of the MTDP before it is tabled in Parliament three months before the next financial year. The MTDP, as the implementing vehicle for the Country’s National Development Strategy (2016-2035) at the medium-term (five years), prioritizes policies and development programs supporting the NDS within our national budget as well as with support from development partners.



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