National Secondary School Games launched

The national secondary school games competition officially launched in Honiara today by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Day 1 of the National Secondary School Games| Photo: National Secondary School Games FB Page

A total of more than 3,000 athletes from 39 schools across the country will be participating in the tournament.

In his keynote address, Sogavare pledges before the participating thirty-nine school representatives to ensure respect, integrity, and true sportsmanship is displayed throughout the games.

“I urge all of you here today to treat yourselves and others with respect as you compete in these games. Youths are the building blocks of any country, the backbone of nation-building. You are the future of this great country and I have great trust and confidence in your ability to lead this country when your time comes. As such, I ask you all to be respectful in your conduct.”

Sogavare urges the participating athletes to aim for 40 gold medals for the country.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavaer meeting youths during the launch of the National Secondary School Games| Photo: National Secondary School Games FB Page

“I urge you to aspire to be part of OUR TEAM in Pacific Games 2023. We aim to win 40 gold medals and I trust that some of these medals will be won by some of you who are standing here today. Let this be our dream and inspiration as we compete in this National Secondary School Games. This is ‘Games blo Iumi’. I look forward to seeing you compete in the true spirit of sports.”

Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Secondary School Games Organising Committee, Karl Kupper acknowledges the Prime Minister for his leadership in successful bidding to host the 2023 pacific games.

Mr. Kupper said in honor of such leadership, the organizing committee has decided to call the winner of the national secondary school games champions shield to be awarded to the overall winner to be called the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare’s shield.

He also thanked all the sponsors and supporting sports institutions for making the event happen.

The participating schools from Adaua in North Malaita, Wainoni in the East Makira, Belona in the south, and Buri in Ranonga Western province reflected the diversity of Solomon islands.

by Ian Kaukui

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