No local connections to seized cocaine

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

Police believe there are no local connections to last week’s major drug bust in Honiara.

Cooperation between the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the Australian Federal Police has resulted in a major cocaine bust last Thursday.

The drugs were believed to have been smuggled from South America with intentions to enter Australia, using Solomon Islands as a transit point.

Asked whether there are local connections to the drug syndicate, Police Commissioner Matthew Varley says they do not believe so.

“We know that the boat has undergone some local repairs for example and we are already speaking with a couple of witnesses who are assisting us with our inquiries on that but we would make the point that if anyone in Honiara has seen or met with the crew of this boat over the past couple of weeks, we encourage you to come forward and speak to the Police and provide any information that you may have,” he said.

” I would point out that the crew are two foreign nationals and we know that those two foreign nationals are no longer in Honiara”.

By: Rickson Bau.

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