Opposition Leader acknowledges US Delegation visit


THE Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has welcomed the US’ desire to respond more effectively to the needs of Solomon Islanders through cooperation.

Hon. Wale said this posture of working together with everyday Solomon Islanders is one that the nation needs.

Opposition Leader Hon. Matthew Wale

The Opposition Leader and other Opposition MPs met with Dr. Kurt Campbell and his delegation from the National Security Council on Tuesday this week.

The discussion ranged from issues of democracy, climate change, health, to capacity building for Solomon Islanders.

The Opposition Leader pointed out that while the discussions covered a wide range of issues, the underpinning message of “seeing Solomon Islands succeed” was communicated clearly by the US.

“It is reassuring to hear not only a commitment to support, but that such support have the necessary safeguards to ensure that it is everyday Solomon Islanders who will directly benefit from it”, Hon. Wale said.

The Leader of Opposition also acknowledged the US’ ability to garner the support of other like-minded partners as a strength that would not only benefit Solomon Islands but also the region.




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