PM Sogavare on high level introductory visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Staying committed to its ‘Friends to all, Enemy to none’ Foreign policy, the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement, through its leader, Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare Madam Emmy Sogavare begins first high level exploratory visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the largest nation in the Arabian Peninsula and one of the world’s richest economy.

His Excellency Ambassador Sultan Bin Khuzaim (right), Faisal Alkahtani, Deputy CEO of Saudi Fund for Development (left) receiving PM Sogavare on arrival at Riyadh Airport

The visit was made at the invitation of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Accompanying Prime Minister Sogavare in this historical introductory visit are senior Government Ministers; Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Hon. Jeremiah Manele, Minister of Finance and Treasury, Hon. Harry Kuma, Minister of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification Hon. Bradley Tovosia and Minister of National Planning and Development Coordination, Hon. Rexon Ramofafia. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is represented by its Permanent Secretary, Barney Sivoro. Other members of the delegation include senior officials from the Office of the Prime Minister and government.

Group Photo of the Prime Minister’s delegation and Senior Saudi Arabian Govt Officials on arrival at Riyadh.

The visit is to provide discussion opportunities, explore new areas of cooperation as well as deepen bilateral cooperation between Solomon Islands and Saudi Arabia. The latter is on course to be a global logistic hub by 2030.

Superpowers such as USA and the Peoples Republic of China have increasing cooperation with the kingdom of Saudi especially in the energy, and financial sectors.

Solomon Islands is fixing its eyes on a number of sectors that will bring out maximum benefit for its people especially, private sector investment, Renewable Energy, Tourism and Culture, Climate Change and Environment as well as strengthening political partnership between the two bilateral partners.

The delegation is currently busy engaging in meetings with the Saudi Arabian Government, potential investors, Private Sector, global product exhibitors, traditional markets and Saudi’s cultural landmark inheritance.

Prime Minister Hon. M. Sogavare and Ministers welcomed at Dubai International Airport by Saudi Govt Officials Naif Saleh ALGhamdi and Bander Alfowzan

A meeting with the Red Sea Global Executives was among first engagements. Red Sea Global is a leading luxury ecotourism with a regenerative approach to tourism, wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. Solomon Islands can learn from this new model of development which puts people and planet first.

One of the eye opener was the Neom exhibition. This exhibition showcases a smart model city being built where life will be without streets, cars or emissions in the futuristic linear city.

Solomon Islands and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established bilateral relationship in 2014.

There was very minimal engagement bilaterally until lately.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Solomon Islands will be issuing a joint statement at the end of the visit this weekend.



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