Police urges parents to educate children in good manner

Police urges parents to educate children in good manner


By Fredrick Kusu

Police urges parents to do proper parenting not to the point that it amounts to violence and assault.

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau made the call following a suicide incident that resulted to the death of an 11 year old boy in Western province recently.

It as alleged that the 11 year old deceased committed suicide after his father violently punished him for not going to school for three days.

However, what the father may have thought of by applying parental teaching just for not going to school has caused upset and shame to the young deceased which he later took his own life.

Speaking at a media conference Commissioner Mangau urged parents to teach their children in a proper manner and not to the extreme that could amount to violence.

“Parents need to take a proper approach in dealing with children if they are not well behaved according to parental teaching’’.

“A proper teaching could involve having face to face discussions between parents and children,” Commissioner Mangau advised.

He warned that harsh parenting is an assault to another person and those suspected could be arrested by police.

He advised young people who experienced violent parenting at home to report such matters to responsible authorities.



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