Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) will be convening a one-week meeting on the draft Federal Constitution for Provincial Premiers in Gizo, Western Province, from 3-6 April 2023.

The meeting is to present the Draft Federal Constitution to the Premiers and explain its features, challenges, and implications, and to seek their views on away forward for the implementation of the Federal Constitution.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in July 2019 officially received the Draft Federal Constitution from the Eminent Persons Group.

The meeting will feed into the broader and deeper understanding of the Federal Constitution and its importance and implications for the country.  It will also help the government to determine which direction to take, or options, in realization of the Federal Constitution.

The Consultation will bring together Premiers and Officials and is aimed at:

  1. Providing the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet as well as the Attorney General office, Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Legal Experts, opportunity to make presentations on the proposed Federal Constitution, and related issues
  2. Providing an opportunity for Premiers to discuss the Federal Constitution, its implications, and contribute ideas and strategies and way forward for its effective implementation
  3. Providing an opportunity for t Premiers to interact with each other through discussions, sharing and understanding of other Government Policies and programmes, and
  4. Building strategic linkages, sharing of information and networking between the Premiers and senior Government officials.

An outcomes report will also be produced at the end of the workshop, which will be feed into the OPMC’s work plan in pursuing the Federal Constitution.

There will also be presentation from the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening of the current Provincial Government Act and Unitary State.



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