RSDP delivers 3 new vehicles for MOI Honiara-based communities

RSDP delivers 3 new vehicles for MOI Honiara-based communities


The Malaita Outer Islands Constituency (MOIC) Honiara-based communities has taken delivery of three brand-new four-ton vehicles on Tuesday.

This is funded by the Rural Sustainable Development Program (RSDP) of the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD), with funding support from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

It cost one million and five thousand dollars ($1,005,000.00).

Allocated for the three wards of MOIC, namely Luaniua, Pelau, and Sikaiana, the vehicles will ease the transportation needs of the MOI communities, especially in Honiara.

“This is a timely assistance. These vehicles will certainly help our people especially in Honiara to mobilize their economic activities and other community programs as well,” Member of Parliament for MOI and the Minister for the Ministry of Lands, Housing & Survey (MLHS), Honourable Polycarp Paea said.

Minister Paea on behalf of his constituents also expressed profound gratitude to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for their continuous support and generous assistance to the development needs of the Solomon Islands, more particularly to his constituency, MOI.

“This support is a living testimony to our two countries’ true friendship as it grows from strength to strength and continues to bear fruit and benefit a lot of our rural communities throughout the country,” he said.

He also thanked MRD for the successful implementation of the RSDP program and for facilitating assistance to his constituency.

Minister Paea called on his constituents to take ownership of the vehicles to ensure they last to serve their purpose and future generations.

The Minister said that as the MP for MOI, he will continue to work closely with MRD and PRC’s Embassy in the future to explore other areas of development for the benefit of his rural people.

Counsellor Gong Rui from the Chinese Embassy hands over the vehicle keys to the Member of Parliament for MOI as MRD Deputy Secretary Technical (Supervising) George Balairamo looks on.

Meanwhile, Counsellor Gong Rui from the Chinese Embassy in Honiara congratulated the recipients of the project.

She also acknowledged Minister of MRD Hon. Rollen Seleso, Permanent Secretary Dr Samson Viulu, and staff of MRD for their hard work and efforts in delivering all the RSDP projects. “You did a brilliant job,” Counsellor Gong attested.

“Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 4-years ago, China has been assisting rural development in all the provinces by financing CDF and RSDP. The projects cover all rural communities and have been warmly welcomed by rural people. We have delivered hundreds of projects such as schools, bridges, classrooms, clinics, markets, village halls, water supply and sanitary projects, boats, vehicles, agriculture and fishery tools, and many more.”

Ms. Gong reiterated China will continue to support more promising and prosperous life for Solomon people and the sustainable development of rural areas.

She said the handover is another testimony of SI-PRC friendship.

“As a developing country, China fully understands the development needs and concerns of Solomon Islands. We would like to share our experiences with you and continue to provide assistance to Solomon Islands in achieving independent and sustainable development,” she said.

Deputy Secretary Technical (Supervising) of MRD, George Balairamo while congratulating the project beneficiaries, urged them to utilize the vehicles for their intended purpose to sustain and improve their livelihood.

He also used the opportunity and call on the recipients to take ownership of the projects and take good care of the assets for the benefit of their communities, families, and future generations.

“This is the first assistance of more support that will come for the people of MOI,” he added.

He said China is a true friend of Solomon Islands, adding it is the only donor that provide direct funding support to the ministry through CDF from 2019 until 2022 and now RSDP.

The newly handed over vehicles.

He said MRD with the support of China through the RSDP program will continue to deliver to the rural communities and support whatever development aspirations are undertaken by constituencies to improve social and economic livelihood of our rural people.

“RSDP has touched many lives and continue to enable people living in the rural communities’ access important services and improve their livelihood.”

Balairamo also acknowledged PRC for its continuous and generous funding support toward the RSDP program.

Chief Noel Aisa who spoke on behalf of the MOI communities in Honiara also thanked PRC for the funding support to RSDP and MRD for facilitating the project.

He said such assistance is historic and the first of its kind for MOI.

“This support is timely as it will certainly address our people’s transportation needs to mobilize their economic activities and also involve in income-generating activities like transport hiring, and also support other community programs in Honiara,” Aisa said.

He also acknowledged their MP Hon. Paea for facilitating the support for the benefit of his MOI communities in Honiara.


– MRD Media Release

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