SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi. Photo credit: SIBC.

SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi. Photo credit: SIBC.

The National Teachers Association says it wants the Democratic Coalition for Change Government Solomon to provide “written evidence” that their submission is in the National Budget.

SINTA delivered a submission on teachers passage and housing allowances to the Government last month.

Following the submission, the Education Ministry had assured the Teachers Association that a budget was submitted to Cabinet for their approval.

The SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi told SIBC News he calls on the Government to provide evidence of the budget.

“Now SINTA’s stand on this is that we are calling on the government once again that we need the Ministry of Education to provide the evidence or the assurance it gave SINTA this week in a formal way by writing, because when we presented our issues we did not do it verbally with the government but we present it in formal writing.”

The General Secretary also vowed to monitor the ‘truth’ of the Ministry of Education’s proposed budget.

“We will still monitor that assurance from the Ministry of Education to see if they have actually taken to Cabinet our submission.”

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