A 100 Kina paper. Photo credit: e-allmoney.

A 100 Kina paper. Photo credit: e-allmoney.

A senior accountant at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury has pleaded guilty for failing to declare more than fifty-thousand dollars of foreign currency to a Customs officer and false declaration under the Customs and Excise Act.

The accountant took her plea at the Magistrate’s Court this morning. She was part of the Solomon Islands delegation to the 5th Melanesian Arts Festival in Papua New Guinea this year and was responsible for the imprest of the entire delegation. She returned to the country on the 12th of July but failed to declare she was carrying around 95-thousand Kina with her when she came through customs authorities. This was money left over from the festival and equivalent to around two-hundred thousand Solomon Islands dollars. The Court will hear her sentencing submissions and mitigation next week.

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