SICCI welcomes Solomon Airlines five-year strategy

SICCI welcomes Solomon Airlines five-year strategy


Solomon Airlines’ 2024-2028 Strategic Plan which was launched on 20th of this month provides a vibrant pathway for the country’s national aircraft carrier in the next five years.

Titled ‘Navigating Excellence’ the strategic plan’s ambition is to ensure Solomon Airlines is one of the competitive airlines in the region.

Chairperson of Solomon Airlines Board Mr. Wickham says, the strategy is deprived from Solomon Airlines’ Seven Long Term Goals.

He says key components of the strategic plan are maintaining and expanding the airline’s fleet both domestic and international.

Mr. Wickham explains that the components narrow down to technical, administration and financial procedures.

This includes; fleet renewal strategy, viable finically strategy and practical administration strategy.

“We have a fleet renewal strategy, we are looking at our fleet now reviewing our fleet so that we can have a mix that is fitting for a very challenging domestic market given our runway challenges and also internationally we are looking at how we can address those emerging markets,”

“We aim to be finically strong, very profitable and I can say the performance of the airline up till now is positioning us well in terms of going forward into the future we recognize the risks, we know the assumptions we have to check and test it as we go along, from time to time because in the airline industry things can change and in country we’ve gone through them,”

“The plan articulates developing our own people so in the heading of our talent development we want to have succession planning, we want to empower our own Solomon islanders to take up management and leadership roles in the next few years,” he says.

Mr. Wickham adds that the strategy also put more emphasis on safety procedures, developing local talent, and environment friendly principles.

Chairlady of SICCI Board, Ms. Qila Tuhanuku says “Airlines services are a critical service for businesses, while Solomon Airlines has faced enormous challenges during the COVID-19 period, we have still been able to access domestic and international services that have enable businesses to continue to be able run parts of their operations. We look forward to innovation and creativity that will enhance airlines services going forward.”

“I congratulate the Solomon Airlines Board, Management and staff for the launch of the strategy and look forward to enhanced services for businesses going forward.”


– SICCI Media Release

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