USP SIG Students faced with financial problems. Photo: SIBC.

USP SIG Students faced with financial problems. Photo: SIBC.

Government sponsored students studying at Fiji-based institutions are reported to be facing serious financial problems, after the Government failed to pay their allowances on time.

SIBC’s Henry Oritaimae reports from Suva, students are yet to receive their allowance for the month of March which was due at the end of February.

“The students are currently without money for almost a month and they are beginning to have food shortages as well as being unable to pay up their due rentals and other school necessities.”

Henry also reported that the financial situation has so far caused one Solomon Islands student to be evicted by his landlord because of unpaid rents.

“The latest as confirmation according to the SISA President, said one student have to arrange for himself to be moved to a hotel in Suva because his landlord has had him evicted.”

SIBC News understands some arrangements have been made to offer assistance to students, including taking food on credit at a shop sympathetic to the situation.

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