Solomon Ports provides new water tanks to Wagina Community


Solomon Ports is pleased to announce the generous donation towards the Wagina Parish in Choiseul Province.

The Port today handed over a cheque to purchase five new 5000-liter water tanks, aiding the Wagina community’s heavy reliance on rainwater for drinking and other essential needs.

The handover ceremony took place at the Solomon Ports Head Office and marked a significant step in supporting the sustainable development of the Community.

The Wagina community, situated in Choiseul Province, faces unique challenges due to their dependence on rainwater for daily use. Recognizing the pressing need for adequate water storage facilities, Solomon Ports stepped forward to contribute to the community’s welfare by donating five 5000-liter water tanks.

The official handover ceremony occurred at the Solomon Ports Head Office, where Mr. George Rausi, Chief Financial Officer of Solomon Ports, presented the cheque to Sr. Rosanita Wasitaro.

Solomon Ports Chief Financial Officer Mr. George Rausi hands over the cheque to Sr. Rosanita Wasitaro.

Sr. Wasitaro accepted the donation on behalf of Fr. Humberto Villa IVE, the esteemed representative of Wagina Parish of the Diocese of Gizo.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. George Rausi expressed Solomon Ports’ commitment to making a positive impact on local communities.

“Solomon Ports is delighted to contribute to the Wagina Parish by donating these much-needed water tanks,” he said.

“ We understand the vital role water plays in everyday life, and we hope this donation will alleviate the challenges faced by the Wagina community and Parish in accessing clean and safe water during dry seasons .”

Fr. Humberto Villa IVE of Wagina Parish expressed gratitude for the generous donation from Solomon Ports. He acknowledged the importance of clean water in promoting the health and well-being of the community, and emphasized the positive impact the new water tanks would have on their daily lives.

The handover of the cheque for the purchase of the water tanks signifies Solomon Ports’ commitment to corporate social responsibility and community development.

The Port actively seeks opportunities to contribute to the sustainable development of the Solomon Islands, particularly in areas where basic needs are unmet.



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