Pentecostal Church. Photo credit: vpevangel.wordpress.com

Pentecostal Church. Photo credit: vpevangel.wordpress.com

The United Pentecostal Church is running a conference for its followers in Honiara.

Theme, ‘Declaring that Jesus is God, this will be the 4th conference hosted by the Church since its establishment in the country.

SIBC Stringer Gabriel Riotarau reports, the Director of the Global Mission of the Pentecostal Church Bruce Hall, is attending the conference.

Riotarau says one of the Church Pastors informed him other religions in the country are attending the conference.

“Speaking to a church representative Reverend David Riki, he said they have 17 churches in the Solomon Islands whose members have attended the conference. He said the conference is very important for Christians to attend and share the importance of Christian life in their various churches. He said during the day he continued with a bible teaching series attended by the conference participants.”

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