Wale calls for investigation into Beulah School closure because of logging


Leader of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale has called on the government to investigate the closure of Beulah Secondary School as a result of consequences of severe logging operations.

The Opposition Office has gathered information that heavy logging operations on the area has resulted in the contamination of the Ziata water source and its reservoir forcing the school to close down.

Leader of Opposition Mathew Wale

Hon Wale said the government through the ministry of education & human resources development and the Ministry of Forestry must ensure this problem is fixed and to support the school’s reopening.

“The no care attitude by logging companies has resulted in the premature closing of the school and it has certainly affected the education of our students,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said the government must not treat this as an isolated incident but prosecute the logging company involved accordingly.

He said we could no longer tolerate logging companies that have no respect for our laws and the future of our children.

“I am strongly urging the government through both ministries to investigate the matter and to ensure our children at Beulah Secondary School resume classes as soon as possible,” he said.

Meanwhile, Western Province Senior Education Officer, Andrew Jay Hani told SIBC news that they will install 10 water tanks to support examination classes with water.

Mr Hani also refuted reports that the logging company is providing these water tanks.


Opposition statement



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