Wasi promises to address telecommunication and shipping challenges in East Makira

Wasi promises to address telecommunication and shipping challenges in East Makira


By Ian Kaukui

Newly elected Member of Parliament for East Makira constituency in Makira Ulawa province, Hon. Franklyn Derek Wasi has promised to help address the current telecommunication and shipping services in his constituency.

Hon. Wasi who is also the Minister for Agriculture and livestock said telecommunication is one of the many challenges faced in East Makira apart from accessing quality education, health care, infrastructure development and sustainable livelihood.  

In his debate on the Sine Die motion in Parliament, Hon. Wasi said his constituency has the poorest telecommunication services compared to other constituencies.

“East Makira is the poorest in terms of accessing telecommunication especially in Ward 17 in south Star harbor, ward 18 in Rawo and ward 19 in weather coast including ward 20 in west Makira,” he said. 

Hon. Wasi added another pressing issue affecting his constituency in the weather coast of Makira is the irregular shipping services with high cost.

“Weather coast of Makira is where a sizable amount of copra and cocoa is being produced annually but at the moment, only marine vessels are making trips on a chartered basis to that part of the island area but the fares and freight charges are very expensive,” he said.

Hon. Wasi said he looks forward to negotiating and acquiring additional funding on top of the $3 million shipping grant received from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development by his predecessor.

He also pledged to work with all the stakeholders as he believed that progress and prosperity can only be achieved through unity, inclusivity and shared vision for the future.



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