‘We’re ready’: Vera-Arango says Bonitos up for All Whites challenge

The national side is ready for New Zealand, the national coach says

Head coach of the Solomon Islands National Football team,  ‎Felipe Vera-Arango says the team is ready for the World Cup qualifier against New Zealand next month.

Speaking to SIBC News after Friday’s nil-all-draw with Vanuatu, the Spaniard said preparations were going well in selecting the final team for the crucial qualifier.

He said New Zealand was a professional side and the national team’s preparation would be geared towards having a strong defense.

Despite criticism from some fans and commentators of the team’s performance, Ver-Arango said he was happy with the performance of the new players during yesterday’s friendly and hoped they would continue to improve.

He said the game would help him pick the the final squad for the critical September clash in Auckland next month.

“The most important thing if we want to have any chance is to have a good defense,” he said. “If we have a good defense and we don’t allow the other team to score we have a chance.

“For example we play and we play good football and they score three goals against us, we have no chance. So the number one priority for us is to have good defense and we’ll see how we go from there.”

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