Work on Labour Mobility Policy is progressing

Work on Labour Mobility Policy is progressing


By Ian Kaukui

Work on updating the Labour Mobility policy 2024-2028 is currently progressing.

Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele confirmed this during his speech at the 46th independence Anniversary celebration held at the National Stadium on Monday.

Mr. Manele said the policy will focus on improving processes for smooth operation and facilitation of labour mobility programs and increasing the participation from under represented provinces.

He said Solomon Islands are enjoying productivity here because of the scheme.

“We have already achieved the 8,000 workers target set for 2024 and we expect to reach 16,000 workers by 2028,” he said.

Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele speaking during the 46th Independence Anniversary

Meanwhile more than 16,000 young people are unemployed each year or hundred unemployed youths every six years.

“The labour Mobility is a short term solution for employment. It also enables our young people to gain new knowledge and experience to apply in their return.”

“However the most immediate and important benefit is to their individuals and their families as a result of their savings, the labour mobility workers make and send home to their families or to start business when they return,” he said.   

He said so far our workers have sent home remittances of more than 250 million Solomon dollars. 


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