Peacemakers sign. Photo credit: www.kpbs.org

Peacemakers sign. Photo credit: www.kpbs.org

Two hundred young Solomon Islanders are on their way to becoming peacemakers after participating in a peace building training from the United Nations Development Programme.

The young people were Youth@Work Phase interns and took part in the workshops once a week.

Facilitated by UNDP Humans Project staff, the workshops help youth to understand their individual contribution to peace building is important for the betterment of their community.

Project Officer Gladys Boka stated the workshop will help the young people to get rid of the stereotypical thinking of being negative contributors in their communities.

Mrs Boka says they want them to know they are individual players in peace building because many youths think that they are too little to be peace builders and it is only recognizable when it is carried out by big people.

She says youths are actually the key players of peace in their respective societies.

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