Stop Corruptionc insim blog. Photo credit:

Stop Corruptionc insim blog. Photo credit:

Developing countries like Solomon Islands have more corruption issues and face more challenges trying to address the issue.

An anti-corruption advocate in the Pacific, Luisa Senibulu says, while corruption is a challenge for many countries, it is more so for developing countries in the Pacific.

Ms. Senibulu says while they struggle to develop, corruption issues affect their economies and service delivery.


“Corruption only contributes to the further deterioration if I can call it that of the services provided by Government to its people. Our
resources, all Pacific island countries have abundance of natural resources and it differs from country to country some have lots of
marine resources, large economic exclusive zones. But our ability to turn this to help our economies is a big issue.”

Ms Senibulu was in Honiara recently to facilitate a two-day anti-corruption workshop.

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