Pacha to respond in Parliament


Honourable David Day Pacha Minister.

Minister of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Hon. David Dei Pacha, has said he will respond to the video footage which alleged he was seen involved in a secret meeting with an Asian miner in April this year.

In an exclusive interview with SIBC this morning, he said he will make a response on the floor of Parliament when he has the opportunity.

According to the video footage obtained by the Opposition Office, the mines and energy minister’s vehicle, a Hyundai SUV with registered plate number G-3903, arrived at the Heritage car park at around 10:40pm.

The Opposition Office stated that the secret meeting raised more suspicion especially two months after the Prime Minister and the mines minister were also caught in a controversial text message exchange with the same Asian miner.

But Hon. Pacha said  he will clarify the allegations on the floor of Parliament.

The Mines Minister declined to comment further on the issue.

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