National Parliament of Solomon Islands building. Photo credit: Synexe.

National Parliament of Solomon Islands building. Photo credit: Synexe.

Parliament will begin debate on the Fisheries Management Bill 2015 tomorrow.

The Bill includes provisions for the conservation, management, development and sustainable use of fisheries and marine resources of Solomon Islands, to monitor and control fishing vessels within and beyond the fisheries waters.

The Bill will also repeal the current Fisheries Act 1998, make related amendments to the Provincial Government Act 1997 and the Town and Country Planning Act.

Speaking to the Bills and Legislation Committee over the weekend, the Permanent Secretary for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Dr Chris Ramofafia said the Bill has four main objectives including sustainable management of Fisheries resources within Solomon Islands Exclusive Economic Zone; effective compliance; strengthening institutional governance and developing the private sector to sustain economic zones.

The Permanent Secretary says the objectives are essential to properly manage the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Solomon Islands waters.

The Parliament Media Unit states debate on the bill will begin tomorrow.

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