Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit: www.24point0.com

Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit: www.24point0.com

The Livelihood Committee deployed to Makira Ulawa Province to conduct a detailed assessment of the impacts of the 7.8 earthquakes last month will return to Honiara on February 4th – after the assessment’s completion.

This was confirmed by Chairman of the Livelihood Committee Michael Ho’ota.

He says after thorough assessment, five wards in the province are affected by the earthquake.

“Based on our analysis from the initial assessment they conducted, five wards have been affected so detailed assessments will be conducted in West Arosi, North Arosi, Rawo Weather Coast and Haununu.”

Mr Ho’ota also urged communities of the affected wards to assist his team in preparing relevant data for victim’s recovery program.

“The communities should assist the teams to produce relevant data so that we can be able to conduct our recovery program successfully.”

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